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What is GAMIFICATION? How do we use it?

Most of our experiences come with the game option. Why? Because we just love to surprise and because we are here to create your extraordinary moments! 

GamyFlow is a new product that  focuses on gamification; employing game design elements in different experiences to improve Your engagement, to make it NEW, more exciting and original. This uniquely designed moments guarantee better engagement and strengthening bonds between players and of course a lot of fun!  We combined the most fun elements of escape room, treasure hunting, scavenger hunt, mystery game  & other team building games to create really unique and one of a kind experience. 

The games can be specially  personalized for different type of needs and celebrations.

(like proposal, birthday surprise, bachalor or bachalorette party, anniversaries, childen party etc)


Our experiences can be a great idea for companies who would like to apply some team-building  games. We would love to share our imaginative ideas with You! The sky is the limit!


Aren't you bored with same old same old type of excursion, guided trips? Well...we surely are. How about learning and discovering new places in a new, unique way? You will learn some interesting facts about history and culture, discover hidden gems and really enjoy it. New, original, fun experience!

,,Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand''. Let's be curious together. Mystery and cool adventures are waiting for you! During the whole game you will solve lots of riddles, exciting enigmas and secrets. 

Gamification employs game design elements to improve your engagement in the experience, to make it NEW, more exciting and original. This kind of uniquly designed moments guarantees strengthen bond between players!  Apart from the game you and your team is going to participate in the contest. Let's see who is the best!

Fun feels good and we believe that the importance of having fun should be never underestimated .Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured, that is why we add to each experience extra gamified portion. And you know what they is more fun if you play the games. The unexpected moment is always sweeter, that is why we will make sure that your adventure is full of surprises

We would like to invite you for an exciting adventure of exploring the capital city of Majorca: Palma de Mallorca. This time in a different and fun way. HIDDEN SECRET  is a very dynamic game combining the elements of scavenger hunt, mystery game and escape room.


The secret  is in danger, will you be able to protect it? As one of the secret society members you have been chosen to find it and stop Nefarious, despicable character who tries to steal the powerful ancient knowledge... Do you accept the challenge?

During the whole adventure you are going to discover some out-off beaten track places of Palma, learn some interesting facts about the history and the culture of Majorca, solve some riddles, meet new people and together...

you are going to solve a mystery...

Put on your comfortable shoes and join us on this new adventure! Endorphins and surprises guaranteed!

(If you are an organized group and you would be interested in different hour or date, please let us know, the game can be also personalized for any kind of special occasion)

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As our services are meant to be personalized and tailored to Your own needs, first we would like to hear from you. Tell us about experience that you would like to book or your up-coming special occasion and we will be more than happy to organize it for you! Remember that every single detail can be personalized!

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