FAQ#1 -Where can you prepare event/experience or surprise?

On MallorcaNo, we are a little different in that we don't hire out normal tables and chairs etc. Our style is very relaxed with cushions and hay bale seating and pallet tables. We are more about the experience and enjoying the unique styling of the event.

FAQ #2 - Can I mix and match your hire items?

Absolutely ,  we can custom design any arrangement for your event using all our different types of items and styles. We are very flexible and are more than happy to work with you to get the look and feel that you want for your special occasion.

FAQ #3- Do you do events outside of your service area?

Yes, but it will depend on the type and size of the event. Anywhere further than 150km from my business would require me to stay overnight so accomodation will need to be factored in. Unfortunately I can't drive 4 hrs for a romantic picnic set up but if you are having an engagment party with 50 guests, then we can definitely discuss it and see what I can do.

FAQ #4 - Do you do themes?

It depends on what you are looking for. If it's a colour theme, then with enough notice I can put together something that will reflect what you are looking for. If it's a totally different style to the examples of my work on the website, then that would require purchasing items to suit. This could be expensive but if you are happy to have this factored into your cost, then I am happy to do it for you.

FAQ #5 - Can I ask for something different to the options on the website?

Yes, you most certainly can. My design process is very fluid. Basically what happens is we will have a chat and I'll work out what you are looking for. Then the actual individual pieces included in the set up will vary depending on how it looks and works togther, as well as how it meets your requirements. If you have seen a picture on the website and you want that exact set up, then I'll do my best to make it happen. But usually it's interpretive and depends on where, when and what it's for. 

FAQ #6 - Will it cost more to make changes?

Again, it depends. If it is basic styling, then no. But if you have added a lot of extras or have gone with a totally custom design, then you will be quoted a price accordingly at the time and it may be more than the listed prices on the website.

FAQ #7 - What type of events do you do?

Everything!!!! We can do birthdays, anniversaries, small weddding receptions, chill out lounge areas, queens corners, girlie get togethers, hens parties, baby showers, bridal showers, backyard bbq's, movie nights..... you name it, we'll have a go!!!!

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As our services are meant to be personalized and tailored to Your own needs, first we would like to hear from you. Tell us about experience that you would like to book or your up-coming special occasion and we will be more than happy to organize it for you! Remember that every single detail can be personalized!

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